The main objective of the project is to establish collaboration among organizations that are members of the circular economy platforms in Hungary and Slovakia in order to enhance the transition to a more circular economy in the cross-border regions.

The aim is to achieve the main objective by accomplishing the following specific objectives:

1. Getting a better understanding of the potential for transition to a more circular economy in selected sectors in the cross-border region

2. Capacity building and joint development of services

3. Making the services supporting transition to a more circular economy available in the regions

Advantages of the cooperation:
  • strengthening Slovak-Hungarian relations,
  • increasing the number and availability of people working in the circular economy in the border regions of Slovakia and Hungary,
  • creating an active community – an ecosystem of companies and coaches,
  • supporting the transition from a linear economy to an efficient circular economy.
  • Type of Resource Other, Course
  • To which Circular Topic does the Resource belong? Water use, Electricity, Logistics, Energy use, Packaging, Waste (reduction, recycle, reuse & revaluation), Suppliers, Use of natural resources, Ecological footprint, Eco-design, Customer relations & communication
  • To which Process does the Resource belong? Extraction (Acquisition process), Manufacturing (Waste management), Assembly (Production and transformation), Retail (Customer relation & logistics)
  • Language of the Resource Other, EN, HU
  • Sector Manufacturing (Waste management), Other, Packaging, Retail/commerce, Hospitality, Consumer goods, Construction, Biomass, Plastic, Food
  • Which 'R' is used in this Resource? Recover, Repair, Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Repurpose, Recycle, Revaluate

City: Pécs
Street and housenumber: Mária utca 3.
ZIP code: 7621
Country: Hungary  





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