CIRC4Life is an international collaborative innovation project, supported by the European Commission’s H2020 Circular Economy program. Consisting of a consortium of seventeen partners across eight EU countries, our aim is to develop and implement a circular economy approach for sustainable products and services through their value and supply chains.

CIRC4Life aims to:
  • develop three innovative circular economy business models to underpin new services with novel features in order to bring end-users closer to design and production phases.
  • develop a vendor-neutral and open source-based information logistical infrastructure to support the new business models.
  • demonstrate the economic and environmental feasibility of the new circular economy business models and exploit EU eco-innovative solutions in electrical and electronic equipment and vegetable farming
  • support end-users to be actively involved in developing, testing and implementing the circular economy models, by awareness raising and knowledge sharing 
  • impact design of new sustainable products and services by creating new markets, shortening supply chain length, reducing consumption of resources and materials, and through the recovery of raw materials from WEEE.
  • communicate and disseminate the project's activities and results to stakeholders, EU decision makers and wider communities
  • produce cross-cutting policy recommendations on the circular economy, based on the integration of lessons learned in conducting this project
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  • To which Process does the Resource belong? Manufacturing (Waste management), Extraction (Acquisition process), Assembly (Production and transformation), Retail (Customer relation & logistics)
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