The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of the Virtuous Circle of Vines (VVC) as a local strategy to mitigate climate change by contributing to achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets; in line with the European Union's energy-climate package also known as 3*20 and, in particular, by boosting renewable energy production to reach 20% of the EU's energy needs.

The VVC involves all the local public and private actors that guarantee the profitability of pruning vines to generate heat and cold for the wineries, with the aim of laying the bases for the transition of the Penedès region into a low-carbon economic area and contributing to the objective of reducing agricultural emissions by 42% (2050 plan).

This VVC involves all actors in the biomass value chain: suppliers of biomass from vineyards, biomass harvesters, and energy consumers.

It is a model project that is extensively detailed on its website with technical reports and educational material to exemplify and teach anyone who wants to learn how this VVC works.
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  • Type of Resource Other, Example/best practice, Website
  • To which Circular Topic does the Resource belong? Energy use, Electricity, Waste (reduction, recycle, reuse & revaluation), Suppliers, Use of natural resources, Ecological footprint
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  • Which 'R' is used in this Resource? Recycle, Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Repurpose, Recover

City: Pécs
Street and housenumber: Mária utca 3.
ZIP code: 7621
Country: Hungary  





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