The circular SME Scan (CSS) Project

SME Scan

In 2021, Circular SME Scan


started as an European project funded by the European Commission, executed by four partners throughought Europe:

  • STRIA (Hungary)
  • EOLAS (Spain)
  • AVACA (Greece)
  • BDF (the Netherlands)

A circular economy, as a key EU priority before the COVID and in (post-)COVID pandemic times, according to the Commission and Parliament is a contributor for a more green economy in Europe and plays a leading role in Europe's recovery strategy. Circular, sustainable, environment-climate friendly operations of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) results in a competitive advantage over their rivals. As research showed, SMEs encounter multiple challenges in grasping these opportunities, as they do not have the knowledge, matching financial and non-financial resources to make the due changes.




came to live and connects digitalisation with a circular economy. Circular, sustainable and environment-climate friendly operation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) results in a competitive advantage and simultaneously contributes to a better environment. To upskill these SMEs and equip them with useful information and practical materials to apply circular strategies in their current business models, the CSS team created the following results:

  • A Skill & Competence Framework related to increased circular business strategies
  • A Digital Self-Scan for SMEs to assess the level of circularity in current processes
  • Learning packages about circular business processes and an online platform
  • Implementation guides for stakeholders
The CSS Erasmus+ project addresses the following SME circularity processes:
Industrial symbiosis
Reverse logistics
Functional economy
Community sharing
Waste re-evaluation
Reducing consumption of resources

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for any updates related to this results! We're aiming to finalize these useful tools in 2023. Obviously, it is possible to contact us; send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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